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The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide 2nd Edition – Book Review

A couple years after National Geographic released Andrew Skura’s first edition of the ultimate hiker’s gear guide, they’ve come out with a fully updated Second Edition. Having reviewed the first book, and having heard good things about the updated version I eagerly said, “yes” to the opportunity to review it. …

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The Jump – How to tell a very short story with video

Last weekend the family was out skating and playing out on a frozen pond in rural Saskatchewan. (Don’t worry, I had to spell check that one too). In the midst of our adventure a friend wanted some tips on putting together a video, so we spent a few fun minutes …

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Questions from a first-time Backpacker

Some friends of ours just came down to visit us here in Bolivia. They wanted to try some backpacking. Colleen, an avid jogger and 1-time marathoner has never been on more than day hikes. I thought it’d be a great opportunity to find out what kind of questions a first-time …

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