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Father Son Fishing Trip at Murtle Lake [Video]


For years I’ve been hoping to get out on a multi-day canoeing/fishing trip in the back country. We managed it finally and this is the result. Get out and make memories that will last.

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A Fall Stroll down the Kettle Valley Railway


The Kettle Valley Rail Trail was a Railway line founded in 1915 by the CPR that snaked its way around the Kettle Valley and that formed part of the Transcontinental railway that made its way through the Rocky Mountains. Abandoned in 1961, this section of the route was converted into …

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Hiking the Enchantments – Even Bad Weather is Good When You’re Outdoors


In early September, Mrs. Adventure joined a group of our friends on a trip up to the Enchantments in Washington. They headed up to Lake Stewart and up to Asgard Pass. Here’s her trip in photos. “I can see why it’s called the Enchantments. The peaks look like a child …

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The worst family backpacking trip ever

grumpy kid

As I finished digging the last cathole with my ultralight trowel and dumping the remaining disaster from the night before, I considered my bruised and aching hands and wondered if I had been wrong the whole time – was the wilderness really the right place for kids? My wife and …

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A Paddlers’ Personal Paradise: Murtle Lake, BC

Murtle Lake, BC

By Naomi Osborn (Ms. Adventure) Murtle Lake is North America’s largest kayak-and-canoe-only lake. I like that. It’s quieter. It’s safer. It’s cleaner. It’s a little brag-worthy. 🙂 It’s more than that. Canoeing is to me like slipping into a sanctuary; in pushing off from the shore I can almost feel all the cares …

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Begbie Falls Trail – Revelstoke, BC

Begbie Falls

Just five minutes south of Revelstoke, BC we found an awesome day hike that took us through temperate rainforest to multiple waterfalls and even a beach. We had an awesome, adventure filled family hike and we’ll definitely be going back. The Begbie Falls area is at the end of a …

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Mammoth Rides, Eagles and Early spring on the lake


When we can, we get out for a paddle, hike or other microadventure with kids. This recent trip was to a local lake right after ice-off. Four kids and 3 adults required us to do a bit of MacGyvering, relying on the Outdoor Adventure Mobile’s sibling to cart one of …

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Woods Adventurer – Dream Job

Greenbush Lake

Get paid $20000 per person to explore Canada and share your adventures along the Trans Canada Trail for 5 months? Seriously? I think the answer is a no-brainer for any Outdoorsy person. Yes Please! The crew behind the Trans Canada Trail have teamed up with Woods Canada (a Canadian Tire brand) …

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Canadian Winter Camping

Canvas Tent Camping

As a kid, I remember reading stories of prospectors and adventurers living in Canvas tents with tiny wood stoves to warm them. Over time that spirit of adventure was renewed, but due to their price tag (over $800 for the tent alone, not including the stove) those dreams had to …

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10 Helpful Tips for Winter Backpacking Safety


With snowstorms and frigid temperatures taking hold across the country the past few weeks, many people have decided that it’s time to hang-up their backpacking gear for the next few months. While backpacking in the winter offers new challenges, the opportunity to have a trail all to oneself to enjoy …

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Father – Son Day Hike (video)


Last weekend my son and I went out for an easy and fun hike on a local trail in the Okanagan. It had just started snowing and we figured it was time for a bit of relaxation and a cup of hot tea.     The snow was beautiful and …

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Ross Lake Packrafting Trip photo & video essay – Part 2


In the end of May I headed out to the North Cascades for a 3-day backpacking and packrafting trip, with a bit of hammock-ing thrown in for good measure. I’ve decided to share the experience via photo and video. Click here for Ross Lake Packrafting Part 1.   After packing …

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