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Mammoth Rides, Eagles and Early spring on the lake

When we can, we get out for a paddle, hike or other microadventure with kids. This recent trip was to a local lake right after ice-off.


Four kids and 3 adults required us to do a bit of MacGyvering, relying on the Outdoor Adventure Mobile’s sibling to cart one of the canoes with us.



Last year the ice didn’t come off the lake until Mid-May, so the gate was still shut in March when we went. We did a bit of trekking to get the canoes to the water but it was well worth it… And before you think I got the ladies to do all the work, I carried the other canoe down to the water.

There was a lot of wind on the water that day so we took a detour and got off the water for lunch. This meant some mandatory exploration and a bit of discovery.



We were lucky to find one of the few remaining Pacific Northwest wild Mammoths. These lesser known relatives to the Siberian Mammoths are much friendlier and are known to offer rides.


All in all it was an awesome opportunity to get out and relax after a week at work.

Take a look a the video above and let us know: What’s your favourite Saturday Afternoon activity?

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