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A guy trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hike, play and just plain be in the outdoors.

The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide 2nd Edition – Book Review


A couple years after National Geographic released Andrew Skura’s first edition of the ultimate hiker’s gear guide, they’ve come out with a fully updated Second Edition. Having reviewed the first book, and having heard good things about the updated version I eagerly said, “yes” to the opportunity to review it. …

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The Jump – How to tell a very short story with video

20170120_144851 (1024x576)

Last weekend the family was out skating and playing out on a frozen pond in rural Saskatchewan. (Don’t worry, I had to spell check that one too). In the midst of our adventure a friend wanted some tips on putting together a video, so we spent a few fun minutes …

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Flying a DIY model aircraft


My nephew is a bit of a wiz when it comes to building and fixing things. He’s an early teen now and has been taking apart, fixing and re-assembling small engines for years. Recently he started buying components for remote control aircraft online and has been his own air frames. …

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Winter update from Canada


Tonight I’ll be lighting a bbq under my tractor and plowing the snow. That may sound like a mixed metaphor, but like the featured image above, I’m being entirely transparent. I looked at my site and wow! It has been a long time since I posted anything. Don’t fear! We’re …

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5 Great Trips to survive the US election


Rioting, looting, violence, marshal law,  I’m sure you’re worried what will be the fallout of November 2016. I’m sorry to say I actually have no advice on what to do about Black Friday Sales. However, if you want to hide from US politics for a little while, here are 5 …

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Local Lion 50L Backpack


This unlikely package arrived on my doorstep a few months ago from Gearbest.com, an online retailer, since then, I’ve used it a lot. This 50L dufflebag / backpack cross packs a punch at $32 shipping included. Check out the details below and see what we think.   Features 600D water resistant nylon …

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Father Son Fishing Trip at Murtle Lake [Video]


For years I’ve been hoping to get out on a multi-day canoeing/fishing trip in the back country. We managed it finally and this is the result. Get out and make memories that will last.

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Gander Mountain Northern Lights 10-person tent with Vestibule


Setting up camp for a few days and need a bit of luxury? Check out Gander Mountain’s Northern Lights 10-person tent and vestibule. If you’re looking to go big on a budget then this tent is worth a look. Gander Mountain asked us if we were interested in checking out …

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Murtle Lake 2016 – Lightning, Fish and Food


Last year we introduced ourselves to the fantastic and unpredictable lake known as Murtle Lake. This year we went back with high expectations and good food… It did not disappoint. Never trust the forecast when you head up there. A week before, the weather reports stated solid rain. What awaited …

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Farm Updates: August 2016 – Apples, Pigs, and more

20160721_183713 (800x597)

Wonder what has been keeping us busy? Check out this video update and give us your feedback. The Pigs are getting fantastically large. The chickens still lay 12 egss a day (and sometimes a double yolker). The plums and apples are ripe. The hay is cut and we’re tired out.

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A taste of what makes farmers tough #farmlife

20160725_160331 (800x598)

You wait for the perfect window – at least 3 days – enough time to cut, rake, pile and then bale it… Then, when you see the perfect window where sunny skies and hot days are forecast you make the leap, hoping the forecast stays true. In those 3-4 days rain …

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Woolpro 100% Merino Wool Layers


We’re always eager to try out Merino wool layers, so when WoolPro reached out to us with not just an offer for some clothing, but with a 178 year old story that went with it, our interest was piqued. WoolPro (Est. 2012) is the brainchild of Charlie and Owen Merrow, …

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