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5 Clever uses for chapstick

If you’re a DIYer and you don’t watch Intense Angler’s excellent youtube channel, you need to head over and subscribe. John has grown his audience to 150000 subscribers with his popular “Tip of the Week” series. If you’re not convinced, then take at the video above as John demonstrates 5 impressive uses for chapstick… beyond the typical lip protection.

Here’s the list of what he tackles in the video for reference:

  • A DIY fire starter – Combine some chapstick with a cotton ball for an improvised and reliable firestarter.
  • An Improvised First Aid kit – Use the chapstick to cover and protect minor, topical injuries. It’ll keep it protected, clean and prevent minor bleeding. Make sure you use non-flavoured for this!
  • A gear lubricant – Chapstick is petroleum based, so it can be used to stop squeaks in gear and lubricate sticky zippers.
  • A Temporary Waterproofer – If you find a small leak in your gear, a temporary field repair can be done with chapstick. It’ll act as a temporary fix to prevent water seeping through the tent, jacket, pack or what have you.
  • An Emergency Candle – A surprisingly effective homemade, emergency candle lantern by twisting a cotton ball into a wick and coating it in the chapstick.

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  1. Great article! Really interesting, I had no idea you could use chapstick as a fire starter. Who would have thought chapstick could be considered a survival tool 🙂


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