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Survival Straps Video Review

The rage in the outdoors and survival world is paracord. Why? Because everyone needs cordage, and paracord, as slim and versatile as it is one of the best things out there to fit the need. Who hasn’t been out and needed to tie up something, fix something or just make something, but lacked the materials to do that? I’ve played around with lots of rope and cord, but paracord, with its 550 lb hanging strength and multiple cords within an outer sleeve makes it the perfect thing to have on hand in an emergency.

But who plans for an emergency? That’s why you should think about getting a survival strap. The concept is simple. You carry around about 2+ meters (over 6 feet) of paracord but in a compact and fashionable bracelet… I mean Survival strap (us men don’t wear bracelets) – [strikes a tough pose and sucks in those 5 pounds of winter insulation].

Survival Straps is one of the companies out there who has made a business of braiding paracord into fashionable accessories that in an emergency can be unwound or disassembled and put to work saving your life (that’s the survival part). Plus, it’s made in the USA.

What sets their stuff apart, besides the multitude of options, dog collars, Collegiate branding, quality of construction and heavy duty, adjustable clasps is their warranty. That’s right, a warranty on a survival bracelet… I mean strap – [puffs out chest in a manly way]. If you need to take your survival strap apart in an emergency, just send a photo and story to them and they’ll send you a new one for the cost of shipping.

Here’s a quote from their guaranty page:

What kind of emergency? Well, just about anything.  If you make a tourniquet to stop you from bleeding after an airplane accident.  You get a new Survival Strap.  If you Unravel your Survival Strap to make a leash and capture a mean dog.  You get a new Survival Strap.  If you are helping your friend move and you show up and he doesn’t even have any rope, but because you’re a good friend you unravel your Survival Strap so you can tie the couch to the top of the car.  You get a new Survival Strap.

Survival Straps makes a ton of Paracord Accessories, check them out here and tell us which one is your favorite. I love the look and idea of their wide survival belt – it contains up to 200 feet of paracord.

Survival Straps sent us some for review and our Reviewer Graeme has been using his for some time now. He’s checked in with his video review and a comparison below with other companies.

Check out Survival Straps and see all the awesome paracord gear you can get to literally keep on hand in an emergency.


Paracord Bracelets Comparison

Having extra cordage available is always useful, but how to carry it with you conveniently can be difficult at times. A paracord bracelet is one of many ways to easily carry cordage with you as you wear it on a regular basis.

But not all paracord bracelets are created equal. There are several companies out there with several varieties of paracord bracelets. Here are a few of the available bracelets and their features.


Para Bracelets (Generic ones found in Fred Meyer)

These are inexpensive bracelets available at supermarkets. All the ones I saw had an 8” wrist size and there were about 3-5 colors available.

Great if you have an 8” wrist or a low budget.

Not great if you have a small wrist or if you want any custom features


Chums paracord bracelets


These mid-range bracelets have a variety of sizes, cord length along with some custom features such as greater wrist adjustability and one that incorporates a fire steel into the bracelet. Each bracelet has 4 color options.

Great if you want some variety in design, fit, and options

Not so great if you want a really custom fit.


Survival Straps


Survival Straps are the most customizable paracord bracelets available. From size, color, and closure to even a custom dog-tag, your bracelet will be exactly as you like it. The extra features do come at a price, but it might be worth it.

Great if you want a truly customized bracelet

Not so great if the perfect bracelet is out of your price range.



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