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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Garnet Lake to Tulley’s Hole

Things really kicked in on the trip as we pushed 18+ miles on day 3 past Devil’s Postpile into Tulley’s Hole. Yet more scenery to wow!



It was hard to believe the contrast between this area and over the ridge to Devil’s Postpile.


Devil’s Postpile National Monument was probably the least favourite part of my trip just becauseone has to trudge through a hot, dry valley in thick dust and sand. It saps your energy, but it does surprise you with views like this.

Day34lBerry ‘

This looks like a member of the gooseberry family, but I wasn’t prepared to take a risk and find out I was wrong. Anyone?


Climbing out of the valley, things got a lot more hospitable… er hairy as we encountered some of the JMT’s famous bridges. It’s no where near as dicey as it looks.


This photo would have been amazing if I had god the lighting correct! Yay for trying!


In pretty much every lake I was teased by sights like this. Every now and then I got lucky too! (see below).



Nothing like a bit of really fresh sushi to keep you going on day 4!

Check out the video down below for another take on these days.

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  1. Beautiful! You made the sushi? Was it with fish you caught? If so that sounds like my perfect day! What settings do you use to get the waterfall like that? Did you use a tripod?!

  2. Sushi on the trail? Nice. The post pile looks cool, too bad it was so hot and dusty. Once again, great photos.

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