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The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide 2nd Edition – Book Review


A couple years after National Geographic released Andrew Skura’s first edition of the ultimate hiker’s gear guide, they’ve come out with a fully updated Second Edition. Having reviewed the first book, and having heard good things about the updated version I eagerly said, “yes” to the opportunity to review it. …

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Local Lion 50L Backpack


This unlikely package arrived on my doorstep a few months ago from Gearbest.com, an online retailer, since then, I’ve used it a lot. This 50L dufflebag / backpack cross packs a punch at $32 shipping included. Check out the details below and see what we think.   Features 600D water resistant nylon …

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Woolpro 100% Merino Wool Layers


We’re always eager to try out Merino wool layers, so when WoolPro reached out to us with not just an offer for some clothing, but with a 178 year old story that went with it, our interest was piqued. WoolPro (Est. 2012) is the brainchild of Charlie and Owen Merrow, …

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Paleo Meals to Go – The Best Freeze Dried meals we’ve tasted


I don’t follow a Paleo diet, but if it tastes as good as these meals I might. Paleo Meals to Go sent us 3 of their gluten free, grain free, milk free, soy free, nut free, shelf stable, and protein-rich freeze dried meals to test out and they were all fantastic. They …

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Mr & Mrs Adventure Hike the Monashees


With 4 kids and a handful of pets – it’s easy to confuse which is which – spending time with one’s spouse is easily (and often) relegated to the back burner. Gfor that reason that we decided to make an impromptu escape for some misadventures with Mrs. Adventure. I think this …

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The North Face Talus 3 Tent


The Talus 3 is a tent that can take abuse , protect you from the elements and is still packable enough to take on your backpacking trip. Live Out There contacted us, asking us for our honest opinions of this tent by The North Face and we are happy to …

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PA Pure – Electrolytic Water Purifier


The PA Pure by Potable Aqua is an Easy to use water purification system ideal for large group and long trips. It’s easy to use, requires no pumping or expensive replacement parts and little to no maintenance. Using the same advanced electrolysis process found in city water purification it needs …

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3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Photos


“It looked so much better than this”. “The pictures don’t do it justice”. “You had to be there”. Sadly, our cameras don’t always do our photos justice, but don’t worry, you can turn those drab photos into fantastic shots with only a few clicks. Who doesn’t have an album of photos …

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Salazon Salted Dark Chocolate Bars – Review


Is there anything better than chocolate when on an outdoor adventure?… besides bacon I mean. Well we had the chance to try so samples of some of the best chocolate I’ve tasted in a long time. Delicious dark chocolate with just the right amount of salt that comes in a …

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Keyhole Harness – the Ideal Outdoors Camera Harness


How many of us have missed the ideal shot because we were too busy digging out our camera? There’s no doubt that bringing a DSLR on outdoor adventures presents a problem. Not only does the camera strap dig into your neck, but the camera bounces around when you’re hiking. Do …

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The worst family backpacking trip ever

grumpy kid

As I finished digging the last cathole with my ultralight trowel and dumping the remaining disaster from the night before, I considered my bruised and aching hands and wondered if I had been wrong the whole time – was the wilderness really the right place for kids? My wife and …

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Ion Micro Titanium stove and Space Saver Mug by Olicamp

Olicamp Ion Micro Stove

I’m a huge fan of Olicamp and the Ion Micro is no exception. Combine it with the Space Saver Mug and you have an ideal ultralight, minimalist combo. I took their XTS pot and Vector stove on the John Muir Trail in 2013. When I got back, I bought two …

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