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Survival Saturday #8 – How to start a fire using Dryer Lint

Another simple butuseful trick to add to your arsenal. This one makes use of common household waste (a.k.a. dryer lint). It ignites instantly and burns for long enough to get a good blaze going.

Watch the video below and try it out!

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  1. This is a great idea, Paul. We use used toilet paper rolls and stuff them full of dryer lint to take camping. It makes a great fire starter.

  2. I prefer making a 12 pack of more portable and longer burning dryer lint packets. Fill an egg carton with lint and Vaseline. Cut into 12 sections,, fold onto itself and then wrap in a small piece of foil or saran wrap. 1 tiny egg size ball burns for 15 minutes smoothly. Take them camping and will burn even in the rain.

  3. Awesome thanks

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