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Begbie Falls Trail – Revelstoke, BC

Just five minutes south of Revelstoke, BC we found an awesome day hike that took us through temperate rainforest to multiple waterfalls and even a beach. We had an awesome, adventure filled family hike and we’ll definitely be going back.

Begbie Falls

The Begbie Falls area is at the end of a logging road that offers many side trails for mountain bikers, hikers and climbers, but the real highlight for us was the falls.

Begbie Falls

There are two parking lots. The first is about 2.3 km from the actual Recreation site and the other is about 50 yards from the upper falls. We chose the farther parking area and hiked down the logging road with the kids.

Begbie Falls

There was plenty of exploration and discovery and we were treated with some amazing views of the snow covered peaks.

Begbie Falls

The falls themselves were flowing strongly with the spring run-off, but the trails were surprisingly mud-free. The kids were running around looking for sticks and laughing in the roar of the river.

Lems boots
The older kids got a turn on the camera. I guess they have seen me do too many gear reviews. These are Lem’s minimalist Boulder Hiking Boots.


The lower falls trail led us zig-zagging down the hillside and just about to the level of the main river that leads into Upper Arrow Lakes. There’s a safe lookout which seemed like a good photo op.

Begbie Falls

From there we headed out to the sandbar on the river. We encountered a few campers on the beach, but managed to find a private area for the kids. Lunch was spent with more splashing, exploration and obligatory races with the kids.

Begbie Falls

We can’t wait to go back again in the summer when the wild flowers and wild berries are in full bloom.

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  1. Looks like a good bike trail.

  2. Sweet! We're passing through that way this summer so might check it out. Looks like a super fun day!

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