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Farm Life Updates: Chickens before Eggs and other projects

Things have been busy over the last few weeks at the farm. We’re still in setup mode, and a lot of work is still needed to be done. The kids have been staying involved, which is great. They’ve taken on the tasks with excitement and are happy to announce, “yay, we’re farm kids now”.

I’m note sure where that came from, but the hobby farm has definitely helped them stay positive and motivated and healthy. They hardly spend any time indoors. Here’s a round up of some of our projects.

Pool Project

pool tree

We’ve had an incredibly hot spring, so much so that they’ve already started haying the fields and cherries are expected a few weeks early. As a result, Ms. Adventure took it upon herself to hand dig a flat surface for an above ground pool.

To ensure things were done correctly, and no debris would get into the pool, she arranged for a company to come in to knock down a tree. For $50 and breakfast on the porch the job was done. Now I have to pick up a chainsaw to process our firewood.



A few months ago we ordered a dozen chickens, which meant we had to build a house and run for them. We looked at a lot of plans and then custom designed two tractors – a mobile coup and a mobile run that we can move around. The benefit of this is that the chickens can graze on the grass and fertilize the ground at the same time.


The kids helped with building it. This little guy did all the nailing and gluing on the chicken feeder and even brought it to the chicken house in his farm truck.


Oh, and here’s a bug.

Chick house eggs

The nesting boxes can be accessed from the outside so egg collection should be painless and efficient!

Launch Time


One of our guy has taking to reading books on historical war machines. This is a period accurate? catapult which functions using a torsion spring.


And it quickly escalated into this. We’re hoping to build a proper trebuchet, and maybe even entering the fall pumpkin launching competition.

Coming Soon

As things slow down, we’ll be heading out on adventures of the non-domestic variety, so stick around if you want to see camping, hiking and fishing!

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