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Winter update from Canada

Tonight I’ll be lighting a bbq under my tractor and plowing the snow.

That may sound like a mixed metaphor, but like the featured image above, I’m being entirely transparent.

I looked at my site and wow! It has been a long time since I posted anything. Don’t fear! We’re still around and we’re still busy outdoors.

I wasn’t joking about the tractor. We’ve had really cold weather (close to 20 below (Celsius)) and it takes a toll on the farm machine that I’ve been using to clear my driveway. The problem is that the diesel engine that moves it was designed to work without glow plugs… well at least in summer time.

Lately it’s been so cold that I’ve had to pull out my backing stoves – and on one occasion a personal bbq – to heat up the oil pan enough to get it to crank. Remind me to post a video about that.

Oh, did I mention that today is the anniversary of my wedding to Mrs. Adventure? It is… I don’t know how she’ll feel about me going out to plow snow on our anniversary, but I’m hoping a nice dinner out and the prospect of being able to get the minivan up the hill to our house will be sufficient justification.

The last few months have been preparation for winter at the farm. This is our first winter here and it’s been busy. Between preparing the pigs for the freezer, solving the frozen chicken water problem, getting enough wood to heat the house and clearing out the garage so we can park the cars in it I’ve been running out of free time.

The question I have for you is: What would you like to see from the website next year?

I really appreciate your feedback and would love to hear what you’d like more of and less of.

Have a happy holiday and see you next year… unless I manage to find time to post my tractor video!

P.S. Did you know that I went on a blog related trip to Indiana Dunes in October? Stay tuned for that this spring.




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