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Buff USA Merino Wool Buff – Gear Review

As seen on Survivor™ on CBS® (…and now also on www.TheOutdoorAdventure.net! )

“Seamless, multifunctional headwear was first established with the all-season Original Buff®. It’s the most versatile, simple and effective article of technical clothing you can own. Made from seamless 100% microfiber, not only is Original Buff® durable, it’s breathable, wicks moisture and dries quickly too.” Quoted directly from their official website:  www.buffusa.com

Simply stated, Buff® headwear is a seamless tube of fabric that can be worn in an assortment of ways. Be it biking, hiking, yoga, or chasing a toddler through the park, the Buff® is designed to offer technical performance and protection from the elements no matter what your adventure! Those just happen to be the adventures on which I embarked to test the claims of the merino wool Wool Buff®.

So does the Buff® live up to the hype? Well, here’s my opinion:

First of all, I checked out their handy reference guide on their website on How To Wear A Buff. I found it to be very helpful, especially with the more tricky options! I messed around in front of the mirror for a little while to familiarize myself with the different options, and even put it to the test. Turns out, the “Foulard” is super helpful in keeping long hair out of the way when washing your face. I attempted the “Hair Tie”, but I am not blessed with an abundance of thick luscious hair like the ladies in the shampoo commercials, so it just kept slipping out.

I headed out on a bike ride with my daughter in tow. I rocked the “Helmet Liner”, “Neck Gaitor”, “Face Mask”, “Pirate”, and “Sun Guard” looks. I would like to say I rocked the “Balaclava” look too, but I honestly could not get it to work for me! I attempted the “Hood” as well, but I felt too claustrophobic. My personal favorite way to wear it for biking on a clear, cold, wintery day was definitely the “Face Mask” method. I felt like I could breathe easily, without the uncomfortable lung freeze feeling! I’m such a wimp, I can’t stand that lung freeze feeling. Even when I broke out into a full out sweat, the 100% Merino Wool Buff® didn’t itch or overheat my neck. I’d say their claim of “Natural Microclimate Control” is right on! It stayed put on my face, and didn’t budge — even with my frequent twisting and turning to reassure my impatient toddler that we were only going “a couple more miles.” I think she’s on to me.

We stopped at a park to “get her wiggles out” before the return trip back home. As it turns out, the Buff® can also be a pretty cool cape when tucked in to the back of a toddler’s shirt.

In the evening I wore the Buff® in a modified “Foulard” for my yoga class. I like to wear my hair loose during yoga to avoid any tension of a hair tie, but trying to huff and puff wispy hairs out of my face while in Adho Mukha Svanasana is far from relaxing. I followed the steps to create the “Foulard”, contained all my hair into the tube, and then tucked the back flap underneath the seam at the nape of my neck. Ta Da! No more hair wisps to huff and puff about!

I wore the Buff® in the “Neckerchief” while buying groceries at the local grocery store, and received two compliments on the pattern and style of my “scarf”. So there you go, ladies, with all the many style options available from Buff® you too can be the envy of all those in your local produce isle. The “Neckerchief” is my favorite neutral way to wear the Buff® in this chilly winter weather, because the material is lightweight and breathable I don’t feel the need to take it on and off repeatedly while out running errands. It’s the perfect seam connection between my jacket and the neckline of my shirt. No more frosty breezes sending chills down my spine while loading my enormous haul of grocery bags into the trunk!

On a separate occasion my daughter and I went exploring in a local forest, during which I wore the Buff® in the “Wristband” method. Not gonna lie, the wristband method is super useful for wiping toddler snot when you forget to pack tissues. It’s gross, but it’s legit. In my defense, I had to test out how well the Buff® held up in the laundry anyway! I’m happy to report that my Buff® is snot-free, odor-free, and looking good as new! (Don’t worry, it’s not the same Buff® included in any of our giveaways…)

So, there you have it. Thanks again to Buff® for the opportunity to review the merino wool Wool Buff®!

Have you tried the Buff® before? Any tips on alternate ways of wearing it? We would love to hear from you so comment, tweet, and share on Facebook!

Reviewed By:
Tabea B
The Outdoor Adventure Team

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  6. Definitely!

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