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I’m a Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador!

Gossamer Gear Ambassador

I’m excited to share that I’m now an ambassador for Gossamer Gear! What does this mean? It means I get to work with a solid brand that I trust over the next year on various projects. Check out the awesome crew that are already on the team here. I already …

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John Muir Trail 2013 Updates – #1

John Muir Trail 2013

After submitting and resubmitting our application (waiting for the fax machine on their end not to be busy) all afternoon, I finally received a “success” message at  2 or 3 in the morning and waited painstakingly over the weekend for the permit office to get back to me, hopefully telling …

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Good eats and sore feet pt 2 – rainy season on the Choro Trail

choro 14 butterfly

  When some friends came over to visit from various parts of the world, I knew I had to take them on the Choro Trail… even if it was the rainy season. Day 2 started late and due to a few too many breaks and some badly blistered feet we …

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Good eats and cold feet – rainy season on the Choro Trail

Hiking down from the pass on an Incan Staircase.

When some friends came over to visit from various parts of the world, I knew I had to take them on the Choro Trail… even if it was the rainy season. We ended up being caught in a snowstorm at around 16000 feet and slipping down the Incan paving stones …

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What is Tramping?


On a recent adventure with a Kiwi friend I had to ask a question about something he described as “tramping”. Here’s a short definition with a bit of Australia-New Zealand rivalry. What do you call your adventures and what is your essential clothing or gear that defines your backpacking trips? …

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The Choro Trail in photos

On Monday we left on a 3-day, 50 km hike that started at 4800 meters in the Andean mountains and ended in the tropics. We went in the off season and got some great memories. I thought I’d share the experience in photos. We headed from the trail head towards …

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An Improvised 3 Day Gear List – Choro Trail


Have you ever had to improvise with gear to make a backpacking trip work? I’ve found that sometimes one has to make do with what they have, even if it’s not what they’d like to take with them. Some friends came down to visit us in Bolivia and decided they’d …

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Questions from a first-time Backpacker


Some friends of ours just came down to visit us here in Bolivia. They wanted to try some backpacking. Colleen, an avid jogger and 1-time marathoner has never been on more than day hikes. I thought it’d be a great opportunity to find out what kind of questions a first-time …

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Hiker Diaries #1 – Singing in the Rain


For 2013, Adam from www.hikingthetrail.com and myself, Paul from www.theoutdooradventure.net have decided to start a back-and-forth video diary about all things hiking. Today we’re talking about rain and shelter. We’d love your participation so check out the video below and / or head over to youtube to watch Hiker Diaries #1 …

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What Makes Your Backpacking Trip Better?


  Earlier this week on facebook and twitter to “Name one thing that makes your backpacking or hiking trips better / easier / more fun.” I was expecting the typical responses of essential gear, but the responses were much more varied. There was one response that really stuck out: Friends. It …

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Meet your fitness goals with Livestrong.com – Join me!


This year is a big year for me. I need to be in shape for it. I didn’t know where to start, but my wife had found a cool tool that she started using at Livestrong.com, which tracks calorie consumption and workouts. I didn’t realize how many calories I had …

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1 Can Side Burner Alcohol Stove


I felt it was time to post an instructional on how to make an alcohol stove and keeping it even greener: Just use 1 can. I’ve used this design many times and I find it to make a more efficient stove than using 2 cans because of how the inner …

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