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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Muir Trail Ranch to after Muir Pass


It was actually hard emotionally to start going after loading up my backpack with food. I don’t know if it was the fact we were about half way done, or maybe the idea of leaving behind civilization on the way to nowhere, but it was hard. Fortunately we met some …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Tulley’s Hole to Muir Trail Ranch


After an early start we headed out on the trail through some more amazing scenery. Check out the photos and video down below.   One of the many fish caught on the trail. This was another nice fellow that I ended up letting go. Nothing like repacking a bear canister …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Garnet Lake to Tulley’s Hole


Things really kicked in on the trip as we pushed 18+ miles on day 3 past Devil’s Postpile into Tulley’s Hole. Yet more scenery to wow!   It was hard to believe the contrast between this area and over the ridge to Devil’s Postpile. Devil’s Postpile National Monument was probably …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Tuolumne to Garnet Lake


For the past year I’ve been organizing a hike of the John Muir Trail with a group of social media enthusiasts. The trip finally started with three of the original 6 on July 13th. After waiting for person number until midday, we took off up the trail towards Donahue Pass. …

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Hiking from Yosemite to Tuolumne Meadows


To help get in as many miles of the John Muir Trail that weren’t on the group permit, Adam and I decided to hike from Yosemite to Tuolomne on  an alternative route that brought us onto the JMT at about mile 8 (at Sunrise Lakes). In two days we did …

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Hiking the Half Dome


One of the downsides of being the fifth child is that the family has already done all the cool stuff by the time you roll around. I never went to Yosemite and I never visited Disneyland or Yellowstone. Since I was travelling down to California to hike the John Muir …

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Family Backpacking the Ozette Triangle, WA – Part 2


I can’t say enough how much of an amazing hike the Ozette Triangle is. In my previous post I looked a little bit at the logistics, now I want to take some time to share part 2 of the video and talk about the hiking itself. Day 1 We left …

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Family Backpacking the Ozette Triangle, WA – Part 1


Out on the western edge of the Olympic Peninsula you’ll find a beautiful and untamed coastline just perfect for hiking with kids. It’s a 9 mile loop that is divided into 3 equal distances. Both camps are on the ocean and the second day is a breathtaking beach hike offering …

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Lunds Gulch Family Hike – Lynnwood, WA


“Daddy, let’s go hiking!” It’s an awesome feeling when your 5 year-old wants to go out for an adventure and it shouldn’t be missed. That’s how we found ourselves on the Washing Trail Association’s website looking for an easy 2-3 mile hike that I could take my boys on that day. …

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Thunder Creek Lightweight Overnight Hike


When it’s nine thirty at night and you still haven’t met up with the rest of the guys it’s time to call it a night. Last week I made plans to hike up the Thunder Creek trail and meet some friends at mile 3. They had arrived the day before …

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3 late season snow trails for training for the JMT in WA

Cascade Pass

In an attempt to give me a feel for and help me train for the John Muir Trail while I’m in Washington I’ve been looking for trails that would take me into cold weather conditions in June/July for a day or two at a time. The Washington Trails Association Trail …

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Family Backpacking 2013… with 4 kids under 7 years old – Update #1


As I posted on our Outdoor Adventures for 2013 page, this summer we’re planning something that some might seem a bit crazy. We’re taking along our 4 kids on a 3-day, 2-night family backpacking trip in Washington. This is going to take a lot of planning and a lot of …

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