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Culinary Adventures – Delicious Food in the Outdoors #Trailtime


One of the most memorable aspects of my outdoors experiences is the food. Whether it was the day before we picked up our food resupply on the John Muir Trail and I was down to a pack of dry rice and a snickers bar (that I boiled for breakfast), or …

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Ross Lake Packrafting Trip photo & video essay – Part 1

packraft day2

In the end of May I headed out to the North Cascades for a 3-day backpacking and packrafting trip, with a bit of hammocking thrown in for good measure. I’ve decided to share the experience via photo and video. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to watch the …

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Pelican VB3 2220 LED Headlamp – Ultra-light, ultra-durable


Last summer, I was looking for a lightweight, compact headlamp that I could trust for the two weeks that I’d be on the John Muir Trail, so after some testing I took Pelican’s VB3 2220 LED clip lamp. It’s a minimalist, no-frills, backpacking duty lamp with a seemingly eternal battery …

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How dads create outdoors adventurers

Dad 56

Last week our family celebrated my dad’s birthday. I’m not permitted to say which one it was, but let’s just say it was a big one. We chatted, looked at old photos, sang songs, and recalled the great memories of our childhood. Several things stuck in my mind from that …

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Outdoor Mistakes: Blinded by determination


Meeting up with friends at night, on a trail that I had never been on, without a map and with only a marginal idea of what I’m looking for… What could possibly go wrong? I’d just arrived in Washington from Bolivia (where I had lived at around 10000+ feet for …

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Appalachian Trail Game


So many people I know want to (or have hiked) the Appalachian Trail. For those of you who don’t have the holidays or finances to do so, you may want to consider the new AT Thru-hiking game at website http://atthruhike.com/ Monitor your energy, health, food and most importantly budget to get …

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Winter Hammock Adventure – Father/Daughter


I made it a goal that I wouldn’t let the weather prevent me from getting outdoors. Living in the great white north (read: Canada), winter can last for 10 months of the year, so instead of waiting for those two months of warmth and sunshine my daughter and I decided …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail – in 5 minutes


Ok, it took us 16 days, but if you want to see that trip condensed down to just 5 and a half minutes then this is the post for you. Over the next few months I plan to put together a series of posts on preparing for the trail, so …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail: to Mt. Whitney


        Nervous tension as we got up for an easy 13 miles to Guitar Lake. The terrain had changed yet again and there was so much to see as we approached the cliffs of insanity (a.k.a. Mt. Whitney). The weather turned bad yet again as cloud came …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Glenn Pass and Forester Pass


It was round about this time that the finality of the trip started to set in. There were less than 50 miles left to go, and although are bodies were ready for them, I don’t think our minds were.   We crossed Glenn Pass and then stormed up the ascent …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Pallisade Lakes to after Pinchot Pass


Weather was fickle. We were really put to the test when a monsoonal front came through and hit us all hard. Despite choosing our sites fairly well, rain water pooled everywhere and some was even driven up between the fly and the inner tent. 2 of the 3 tents survived …

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Hiking the John Muir Trail – Muir Pass to Palisade Lakes


Leaving the Muir Trail Ranch was the turning point for the weather. From there it just kept getting more and more challenging. The Muir Pass was the first real rain and it got worse. The views continued to be excellent, despite of the whales lurking around every corner and the …

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