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Survival Show Casting Call: Last Survivor

If you’re looking for your big break in the adventure television industry, or simply want to test out your uber survival skills, this may be what you’ve been waiting for.

I received a Casting Call email from Natalie x at Leftfield Entertainment for a new survival series. This one sounds pretty real and pretty serious to me. It isn’t the first time I was contacted for a survival themed series (I was contacted about a survival/prepper series that I didn’t want to touch), but this is the first one that I really want to apply for.

Doing some research, Leftfield entertainment has produced programs for The History Channel, Discovery, A&E amd National Geographic, so you know this is a serious offer. So what’s it about? Here is the Casting Call:


In the real world, survival is not a game and there is little room for failure. Survival is a matter of self-reliance that cannot be faked.

Are you a TRUE survivor in every sense of the word? Is self-reliance a way of life for you?

Do you believe that the act of survival has become trivialized in popular culture today?

Do you want to prove that you have the skills, determination, willpower and strength to take part in THE ULTIMATE survival experience?

No gimmicks. No film crew. No games.  

From the producer’s who brought you Pawn Stars and American Restoration on The History Channel and Clash Of The Ozarks on Discovery comes the biggest survival experiment ever attempted. The series will feature a group of self-reliance experts as they battle the elements and fight to survive on their terms with nothing but what they can carry on their backs. Their mission: to survive alone in the wild and document their journey every step of the way.

Whether you’re an outdoorsman, homesteader, adventurist or survivalist, if you’re ready to take on the survival challenge of a lifetime, we want to hear from you!

To learn more, please email casting@leftfieldpictures.com with your name, contact information, a recent photo and a description of your self-reliance experience.

So, Is this the show you’ve been waiting for?

I really like that it’s filmed by the participants. Of course the footage will be edited, but it seems like what happens will be in the hands of the participant. The survival will be a lot more authentic, the challenges will be real. If I was ever to apply for a show, this is the one I would feel most comfortable participating in it.

So, what do you think? Would you watch this show? Are you going to send in your application to participate? How long do you think you (or I for that matter) would last on a show like this?

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A guy trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hike, play and just plain be in the outdoors.

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  1. I would love to do this, however I would not say I'm an expert at all, however I know I have the will to survive

  2. Lorelei Dresman LeDonne

    I sent you an email please get in touch with me 🙂

  3. Yeah I can do this Survivor is b.s. everyone is monitored to keep them healthy . I want to be shown as the manliest guy in the world to survive in the great outdoors.

  4. Would I watch this show? Sure, I'd give it a try. Be on it? No way. The best thing about the wilderness is the beauty found in solitude, and being on TV is, ahem, anti-solitude.

  5. bring it on

  6. Sign me up please I,m all in..

  7. Greetings Of the Day
    Respected Sir/Madam,
    My Name is Ashwin Mirasdar, Age-34, Height -6 FT, weight,80kg, Skills-Making weapons for hunting with or without tools, knowledge of survival, can also Catch all types of reptiles with barren Hands, can also catch fish and crabs without any equipment.
    I am MBA from MIT, and can survive in any Harsh conditions.

    If you feel that an Indian Guy can Maximize your TRP ratings you can definitely call me up.

    Ashwin Mirasdar

  8. Sorry I got a little over excited. It would be my genuine pleasure to go over all the details of what I am capable of and anything else you would like to discuss . I’m 28 years old , Full of energy and love to be challenged. To be honest I don’t need no tools and I am willing to prove myself . Please get back to me ASAP because I would like to start right away. Hope to hear from y’all soon. -thank you.

  9. I would consider being on your show. I’m 6 foot, 200 lbs reasonably fit and was born to live outside. I have been gaining outside skills since I was 8, long before it became the thing to do. I’m most comfortable in the deserts and temperate woodlands of North America. I have no experience with the tropical jungle. I’m quite resourceful, observant, adaptable realistic and endlessly positive. I’m also outgoing, sociable and supportive. I can fix almost anything mechanical. I’m quite good on a snowboard and canoe and bike reasonably well. I can fly aircraft, drove race cars, and won on the dirt tracks. I’m a well kept 59 with very little grey who could pass for an outdoorsy 49. Think Harrison Ford!

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