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Culinary Adventures – Delicious Food in the Outdoors #Trailtime

One of the most memorable aspects of my outdoors experiences is the food. Whether it was the day before we picked up our food resupply on the John Muir Trail and I was down to a pack of dry rice and a snickers bar (that I boiled for breakfast), or the 3-day Bushcraft/survival trip where I got sick of eating trout (no matter how I  cooked it), or the pizza that we scarfed down on the Choro Trail in Bolivia, food always plays a vital role, and often a delicious one.

So, to get us salivating and to take a video walk down memory lane in preparations for this Thursday’s #Trailtime twitter chat (Thursday at 3PM PST) with the Sierra Trading Post, I’ve compiled a list of some of the more memorable experiences that I’ve had that involved food. For more ideas, check out this post on the Sierra Trading Post Hub for some great (and easy) camping meal ideas.

Feel free to watch what you like and ignore what you don’t, but I’d love to hear your stories about the most memorable food experience you’ve had on the trail or at camp.
How to Make Bush Tea

There was a time when my kids loved watching survival shows. The result was many wonderful lessons learned to keep them safe in the outdoors. My son put those skills to practice by making me his own version of Bush tea. While I don’t recommend mixing this drink for yourself, this video is too cute to miss!

Family Alcohol Stove Cooking

I went through a phase where  I cooked anything and everything on an alcohol stove, from pasta, to pizza, to orange cream cake (in an orange peel) and even chocolate bundt cake. Check out this video for a look at a family picnic in the Bolivian mountains and at least soak in the amazing views of the mountains in the background.


Deconstructed Trail Pizza:

It doesn’t get much better than this. Pizza made with Gouda and Italian sausage after a long day of backpacking?

Biltong (South African Beef Jerky)

Okay, we can’t quite make Biltong the way they do in South Africa, but this is our take on the classic recipe. It was one of my early videos, so it’s a bit more cringeworthy, but watchable nonetheless. My wife usually has to make two batches, the first gets eaten before we even leave to go hiking and the other one usually keeps us through the first two days at least (we buy several roasts worth).


Survival Trip Highlights

You may not like bushcraft or survival, but if you like food, check out this video and see some fun ways to impress your friends by cooking trout on the trail.


Well. now that you’ve wasted an hour or so watching videos about food on the internet, why not go start planning your next culinary adventures, check out some tasty outdoor meal ideas on the Sierra Trading Post Hub: and Be ready to chat about Food at 4pm MDT Thursday July 17th for #trailtime.

Oh, and have you ever tried Trail Sushi?

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