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Paleo Meals to Go – The Best Freeze Dried meals we’ve tasted


I don’t follow a Paleo diet, but if it tastes as good as these meals I might. Paleo Meals to Go sent us 3 of their gluten free, grain free, milk free, soy free, nut free, shelf stable, and protein-rich freeze dried meals to test out and they were all fantastic. They …

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Timberland men’s 6 inch insulated boot (waterproof)


Meet one of the most multipurpose boots you will ever put on your feet. Timberland’s Premium Waterproof boots are considered to be among the best outdoor work boots available, and after working on a few backyard garden projects combined with a variety of walks and hikes, I consider these to …

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A Fall Stroll down the Kettle Valley Railway


The Kettle Valley Rail Trail was a Railway line founded in 1915 by the CPR that snaked its way around the Kettle Valley and that formed part of the Transcontinental railway that made its way through the Rocky Mountains. Abandoned in 1961, this section of the route was converted into …

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Hiking the Enchantments – Even Bad Weather is Good When You’re Outdoors


In early September, Mrs. Adventure joined a group of our friends on a trip up to the Enchantments in Washington. They headed up to Lake Stewart and up to Asgard Pass. Here’s her trip in photos. “I can see why it’s called the Enchantments. The peaks look like a child …

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PA Pure – Electrolytic Water Purifier


The PA Pure by Potable Aqua is an Easy to use water purification system ideal for large group and long trips. It’s easy to use, requires no pumping or expensive replacement parts and little to no maintenance. Using the same advanced electrolysis process found in city water purification it needs …

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3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Photos


“It looked so much better than this”. “The pictures don’t do it justice”. “You had to be there”. Sadly, our cameras don’t always do our photos justice, but don’t worry, you can turn those drab photos into fantastic shots with only a few clicks. Who doesn’t have an album of photos …

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Royal Robbins Diablo Shirt and Convoy Shorts


In an effort to simplify, I look for clothing that will serve dual purposes: Quality outdoor clothing that looks good, last long and can be worn outdoors and in the office. After testing out Royal Robbins’ Diablo shirt and Convoy shorts I can happily recommend Royal Robbins as an approved …

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Salazon Salted Dark Chocolate Bars – Review


Is there anything better than chocolate when on an outdoor adventure?… besides bacon I mean. Well we had the chance to try so samples of some of the best chocolate I’ve tasted in a long time. Delicious dark chocolate with just the right amount of salt that comes in a …

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Trekking for Treasure on Rock Trail – Larabee State Park, Bellingham WA


by Graeme A On June 20th, my wife, our 3 kids, and my mother took a stroll down the Rock Trail in Larabee State Park just south of Bellingham, It was a great hike with some beautiful photos. The whole hike was about 2.4 miles round trip with 1200ft of …

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Keyhole Harness – the Ideal Outdoors Camera Harness


How many of us have missed the ideal shot because we were too busy digging out our camera? There’s no doubt that bringing a DSLR on outdoor adventures presents a problem. Not only does the camera strap dig into your neck, but the camera bounces around when you’re hiking. Do …

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Ion Micro Titanium stove and Space Saver Mug by Olicamp

Olicamp Ion Micro Stove

I’m a huge fan of Olicamp and the Ion Micro is no exception. Combine it with the Space Saver Mug and you have an ideal ultralight, minimalist combo. I took their XTS pot and Vector stove on the John Muir Trail in 2013. When I got back, I bought two …

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