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Winter OR Show 2014 Highlights – Snow Lizard Slxtreme

This winter our man-on-the-ground Joshua Riggins packed his schedule full trying to dig up as many impressive new products at the Winter Market of the Outdoor Retailer Show as possible. Over the next few days, he’ll be sharing some of those highlights. Today we’re looking at the Snow Lizard Slxtreme.

Here is the 3rd item I was really excited to show.

The Snow Lizard SLXTREME is a case for the iPHONE or iPAD. I know, you’re thinking another iPHONE case, BIG deal. But this isn’t just any case. It’s attractive, waterproof, and durable. I actually watched the sales rep throw his own iPHONE on the floor with nothing protecting it but the SLXTREME. It bounced and was still perfectly operational. It has a solar panel charger built into the back side to keep your phone charging, and has an integrated battery built in to extend the life of your phone. Perfect for keeping your gear going in the back country. Even if you don’t like electronics in the back country. Remember, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.
Slxtreme 5 (for iphone 5)
  • Solar Panel
  • Battery pack
  • Weight- 150g
  • Headphone- 3.5mm audio jack
  • Compatibility- iPhone 5/5s
  • MSRP: $149.99


About Joshua Riggins:

My name is Joshua Riggins. I’m a regular guy that lives in SLC, Utah. I have a job, a house and 2 awesome boys – Kemry 15 & Caelan 12. When I was 16 I started rock climbing and have been doing it off and on for the past 20 years. My love for everything outdoors is beyond comparison. I am what one might call a Renaissance Man when it comes to the outdoor life. Meaning, I do a little of everything. As with climbing, I enjoy Snowboarding, Hiking, Canyoneering, Mountain Biking and Camping. I recently got into back country touring and I’m looking at getting into Kayaking. I grew up with a love for the mountains, the earth and just getting outside. But recently discovered the desert and how amazing slot canyons can be.
I love writing, everything from poetry to my Blog. http://experienceviaimagination.wordpress.com/
This basically an account of my adventures and good times. With hopes of inspiring others to get outdoors, trying stuff and connect with the earth. I want to be an awakening for others to learn to live again. Illuminating the thought in their minds that they to can enjoy the travel and adventures I take pleasure in. To visually motivate people through picture and video. To follow my adventures, checkout my Instagram @JoshuaRiggins and Twitter https://twitter.com/JoshuaRiggins

About Paul

A guy trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hike, play and just plain be in the outdoors.

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